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The National Human Genome Research Institute conducts genetic and genomic research, funds genetic and genomic research and promotes that research to advance genomics in health care.


Medical professionals

Genomics handbook provides customized education for physicians

A new educational resource is now available to help educators improve genomic literacy among physicians. Funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), The Universal Genomics Instructor Handbook and Toolkit provides materials and guidance for educators implementing introductory training in genomic medicine.

Leslie Biesecker

Dr. Leslie Biesecker selected as 2019 president of ASHG

American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) members have selected Leslie G. Biesecker, M.D., a clinical and molecular geneticist and long-time investigator with NHGRI, as their new president-elect. In 2019, Dr. Biesecker will become president of ASHG, a professional membership organization for human genetics specialists worldwide. He will serve in his personal capacity. Dr. Biesecker is the senior investigator and chief of NHGRI's Medical Genomics and Metabolic Genetics Branch.

NHGRI Director Eric Green

40th Anniversary of Landmark DNA Sequencing Methods

This month's The Genomic Landscape marks the 40th anniversary of the beginning of DNA sequencing methods. Developed by Fred Sanger and Alan Coulson, and Allan Maxam and Walter Gilbert, these methods eventually helped spawn the field of genomics. Dr. Green also sends best wishes to departing NHGRI researcher Barb Biesecker, highlights a recent dog genome project Reddit AMA and provides a reminder to learn your family health history on Thanksgiving.

Dog Genome Project Reddit AMA participants

Reddit "Ask Me Anything" Recap: The NHGRI Dog Genome Project

On November 2, 2017, experts from The NHGRI Dog Genome Project turned to Reddit - a social news website and discussion forum - to answer questions from the Reddit community as part of an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA). Dog genomes hold a wealth of information for understanding natural variation in dog populations, like body size or fur type, and for learning more about how the genomes of both dogs and humans contribute to health and disease. Read a recap of the recap of the event.

Adult with ADHD daydreaming

Adult ADHD: An imbalance between the online and offline brain

A new NHGRI study has focused on why some people grow out of childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) while others continue to have symptoms into adulthood. The study found that adults with ADHD persisting from childhood partly lose the usual balance between brain systems that control action and those that emerge when daydreaming. Researchers have argued that this imbalance between the "online" and "offline" brain might account for the lapses of attention. The study was published Oct. 31, in PNAS.