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Billion Base Pair Celebration

National Academy of Sciences

November 23, 1999

The Billion Base Pair Celebration noted the completion and deposition into GenBank of one billion base pairs of human genome DNA sequence. The celebration honored hundreds of scientists across the country and around the world whose commitment and ingenuity have been vital to reaching this milestone in the Human Genome Project.

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Bruce Alberts
National Academy of Sciences
Welcome and Reflections on the Human Genome Project
Neal Lane
Assistant to the President for Science and Technology
Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Francis Collins
National Human Genome Research Institute
Where We've Been and Where We're Going
Donna Shalala
Department of Health and Human Services
  Awards to:
Baylor College of Medicine
Washington University
Whitehead Institute
NHGRI HGP Managers
NCBI GenBank Staff
Bill Richardson
Department of Energy
  Awards to:
Joint Genome Institute
DOE HGP Managers
Sanger Centre Award Video
Tom Harkin
United States Senator
Robert Krulwich
ABC TV Correspondent
Genomics for the Public: Making Sense of it All
Francis Collins Closing Remarks

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