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A Quarter Century after the Human Genome Project's Launch: Lessons Beyond the Base Pairs Educators, Scientists, Videos, Events, Office of the Director, Meetings, Presentations, Seminars, April, December, February, January, March, May, About Genomics, News & Events, Education & Training, Lectures, Workshops & Meetings, 2016
Developing a 2020 Vision for Genomics: NHGRI Launches New Round of Strategic Planning Grant Seekers, Medical Professionals, Policy Makers, Scientists, News Release, About NHGRI
Honey Bee Genome Sequencing Archived
Human Genome Reference Program Webinar Grant Seekers, Scientists, Videos, Events, Programs & Projects, Division of Genome Sciences, Webinars, March, About Genomics, Workshops & Meetings, 2019
1000 Genomes Project Archived
1000 Genomes Project data available on Amazon Cloud Archived
1000 Genomes Project publishes analysis of completed pilot phase Archived
15 Ways Genomics Influences Our World Educators, Public, Fact Sheets, About Genomics
15 Ways the Human Genome Project is Shaping Our World Educators, Public, News Release, About Genomics, News & Events
1800's Archived
1859: Darwin Published On the Origin of Species, Proposing Continual Evolution of Species Archived
1865: Mendel's Peas Archived
1869: DNA First Isolated Archived
1879: Mitosis observed Archived
1900's Archived
1900: Rediscovery of Mendel's Work Archived
1902: Chromosome Theory of Heredity Archived
1902: Orderly Inheritance of Disease Observed Archived
1909: The Word Gene Coined Archived
1911: Fruit Flies Illuminate the Chromosome Theory Archived
1940's Archived
1941: One Gene, One Enzyme Archived
1943: X-ray Diffraction of DNA Archived
1944: DNA is \"Transforming Principle\" Archived
1944: Jumping Genes Archived
1950's Archived
1952: Genes are Made of DNA Archived
1953: DNA Double Helix Archived
1955: 46 Human Chromosomes Archived
1955: DNA Copying Enzyme Archived
1956: Cause of Disease Traced to Alteration Archived
1958: Semiconservative Replication of DNA Archived
1959: Chromosome Abnormalities Identified Archived
1960's Archived
1961: First Screen for Metabolic Defect in Newborns Archived
1961: mRNA Ferries Information Archived
1966: Genetic Code Cracked Archived
1968: First Restriction Enzymes Described Archived
1970's Archived
1972: First Recombinant DNA Archived
1973: First Animal Gene Cloned Archived
1975-77: DNA Sequencing Archived
1976: First Genetic Engineering Company Archived
1977: Introns Discovered Archived
1980's Archived
1981-82: First Transgenic Mice and Fruit Flies Archived
1982: GenBank Database Formed Archived
1983: First Disease Gene Mapped Archived
1983: PCR Invented Archived
1986: First Time Gene Positionally Cloned Archived
1987: First Human Genetic Map Archived
1987: YACs Developed Archived
1989: Microsatellites, New Genetic Markers Archived
1989: Sequence-tagged Sites, Another Marker Archived
1990-1994 Archived
1990: ELSI Founded Archived
1990: Launch of the Human Genome Project Archived
1990: Research on BACs Archived
1991: ESTs, Fragments of Genes Archived
1992: Data Release Guidelines Established Archived
1992: Second-generation Genetic Map of Human Genome Archived
1993: New HGP Five-year Plan Archived
1994: Detailed Human Genetic Map Archived
1994: FLAVR SAVR Tomato Archived
1994: Microbial Genome Project Archived
1995-1996 Archived
1995: Ban on Genetic Discrimination in Workplace Archived
1995: Physical Map of Human Genome Completed Archived
1995: Two Microbial Genomes Sequenced Archived
1996: 280,000 Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) Archived
1996: Archaea Genome Sequenced Archived
1996: Health Insurance Discrimination Banned Archived
1996: Human DNA Sequence Begins Archived
1996: Human Gene Map Created Archived
1996: International Strategy Meeting on Human Genome Sequencing Archived
1996: Mouse Genetic Map Completed Archived
1996: Yeast Genome Sequenced Archived
1997-1999 Archived
1997: Bermuda Meeting Affirms Principle of Data Release Archived
1997: E. coli Genome Sequenced Archived
1997: Recommendations on Genetic Testing Archived
1998: Committee on Genetic Testing Archived
1998: Company Announces Sequencing Plan Archived
1998: Genome of Roundworm C. elegans Sequenced Archived
1998: HGP Map Included 30,000 Human Genes Archived
1998: M. Tuberculosis Bacterium Sequenced Archived
1998: New HGP Goals for 2003 Archived
1998: SNP Initiative Begins Archived
1999: Chromosome 22 Archived
1999: Full-scale Human Genome Sequencing Archived
20 years later, genomicists remember the draft human genome sequence All Audiences, Educators, Grant Seekers, Medical Professionals, Public, Scientists, Office of the Director, July, About NHGRI, 2020
20-year anniversary of publications reporting the draft human genome sequence All Audiences, Educators, Medical Professionals, Policy Makers, Public, Scientists, News, Office of the Director, February, Newsletter, About NHGRI, News & Events, 2021
2000-2001 Archived
2000: Chromosome 21 Archived
2000: Drosophila and Arabidopsis genomes sequenced Archived
2000: Executive Order Bans Genetic Discrimination in the Federal Workplace Archived
2000: Fly Model of Parkinson's Disease Reported Archived
2000: Free Access to Genomic Information Archived
2000: Working Draft Archived
2000: Yeast Interactome Published Archived

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