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Research at NHGRI

Accelerating Breakthroughs

NHGRI is a leading authority for genomics research related to human health and disease. By conducting world-class genomics research, NHGRI accelerates scientific and medical breakthroughs that improve human health.

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Research Areas

Our research aims deliver on the promise of the Human Genome Project by translating genomic knowledge into tools and approaches for improving the treatment, prognosis, and prevention of rare and common diseases.

Research Projects

Genetic diseases affect millions of Americans every day, and research is key to improving our ability to diagnose and treat these diseases. At the National Human Genome Research Institute, our researchers are creating foundational tools and methods to expand genomics research, ultimately leading to medical breakthroughs.

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Clinical Research

Our clinical researchers are leading a new era in medicine that will pave the way for more effective ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness.

Data Tools and Resources

Take advantage of our software and analysis tools to help you and your research team analyze and explore genomic data.


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Last updated: September 11, 2023