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Educational Resources

These educational resources are intended to spark scientific curiosity, improve genomic literacy and foster engagement among learners.

Fact Sheets about Genomics | NHGRI
Fact Sheets about Genomics

Fact sheets explaining complex concepts in genomics research to a non-scientific audience.

X chromosome

NHGRI offers infographics to tell stories related to genomics using data visualizations.

DNA from glossary
Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms

250 common genetic terms pronounced and explained in an easy-to-understand way by leading scientists and professionals

​Genomics Teaching Tools | NHGRI
Genomics Teaching Tools

Teaching tools to present the foundations of genomics to students and help them understand the impact of genomics in their lives.

​Genomics Outreach | NHGRI
​Community Outreach

NHGRI educates students, teachers and the public about genomics through outreach events and hands-on activities.

Last updated: July 22, 2021