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Cost Spreadsheets for RFA HG-05-007

The following Excel spreadsheets, available online, may be used for reporting on past activity costs and proposed costs of making the Knockout Mouse Resources (gene targets, transposon mutants, gene traps, mutant ES cells and mice). If used, paper copies of these spreadsheets should be sent with the application.

These spreadsheets format information in a way that allows analysis of the funds requested as related to the materials to be generated as part of this application. The spreadsheets are provided for the convenience of the applicant and will be used by the review committee to assess the applicant's proposed plans regarding resource production and costs (on a per knockout basis). Other formats that provide this information may be used.

Cost spreadsheets for RFA HG-05-007: Completion of a Comprehensive Mouse Knockout Resource. These spreadsheets require the use of either MS-Excel or an Excel viewer.

These forms must be used to report production pipeline costs over the most recent six-month period of activity (Reports on Past Activities) and for each proposed year of the grant (Proposed Cost forms) prior to submitting your proposal, as detailed in Special Guidance for Applicants.

Note: Depending on the strategy proposed and the details of each application, the applicant will fill out the Past Activities and Proposed Costs forms for either Gene Targeting OR Transposon Mediated Mutagenesis and Gene Traps.

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Last updated: November 15, 2012