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1992: Second-generation Genetic Map of Human Genome

Image of a microsatellite (October 1992)

A team from France built a low-resolution, microsatellite genetic map of the entire human genome.

The first genetic map that spanned the entire human genome with microsatellite markers was an improvement over earlier genetic maps using RFLPs (restriction fragment length polymorphisms) as markers, since microsatellites are more easily discovered and distinguished.

Each generation of genetic map helped geneticists more quickly locate disease genes on chromosomes. That a genetic marker is always inherited along with a certain disease gene indicates that the gene is located near the marker.


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Facts About Genetic Mapping

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Weissenbach, J., Gyapay, G., Dib, C., Vignal, A., Morissette, J., Millasseau, P., Vaysseix, G., et al. A second-generation linkage map of the human genome. Nature, 359:794-801. 1992. [PubMed]


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