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Initiative Rationale

The Y chromosome is an important gene-rich sequence in the human genome. It has been implicated in spermatogenesis, cancer, developmental disorders, graft rejection and graft-versus-host disease, locomotion, high blood pressure, and stress response. Yet, many of the current efforts to sequence the genomes of mammals for comparative annotation do not include adequate coverage of the Y chromosome. Thus NHGRI has established a targeted effort to sequence the Y chromosomes of several representative mammalian species to facilitate comparative analysis and evolutionary studies. 

Mammals selected are either important laboratory model organisms or intensively studied domestic animals that vary in evolutionary distance from humans. 

Further information on this initiative is available in the white paper Chromosome Y.

Active Sequencing Projects

For an updated list of the genomes that are actively being sequenced or that have been completed recently, please see Approved Sequencing Targets.

Program Contacts

Adam Felsenfeld, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: felsenfa@mail.nih.gov

Jane Peterson, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Division of Extramural Research
E-mail: petersoj@mail.nih.gov

Last updated: September 16, 2011