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ENCODE Participants and Projects

Phase 4

Grantees Institution Title Grant Number
Mapping Awards
Bradley Bernstein, Chad Nusbaum Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT A Catalog of Cell Types and Genomic Elements in Tissues, Organoids and Disease UM1 HG009390
Erez Lieberman Aiden Baylor College of Medicine Genome-Wide Mapping of Loops Using In Situ Hi-C UM1 HG009375
Mats Ljungman University of Michigan Mapping of Novel Candidate Functional Elements with Bru-Seq Technology UM1 HG009382
Richard Myers, Eric Mendenhall HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology; University of Alabama in Huntsville An ENCODE ChIP-seq pipeline using endogenously tagged human DNA-associated proteins UM1 HG009411
Yijun Ruan The Jackson Laboratory Comprehensive Mapping of Long-Range Chromatin Interactions in Human and Mouse Genomes UM1 HG009409
Michael Snyder Stanford University Production Center for Mapping Regulatory Regions of the Human Genome UM1 HG009442
John Stamatoyannopoulos Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences ENCODE Mapping Center - A Comprehensive Catalog of Dnase I Hypersensitive Sites UM1 HG009444
Barbara Wold, Ali Mortazavi California Institute of Technology; University of California, Irvine High Precision Human and Mouse Transcriptomes UM1 HG009443
Functional Characterization Awards
Nadav Ahituv, Jay Shendure University of California, San Francisco; University of Washington Massively parallel reporter assays and genome editing of ENCODE predicted regulatory elements UM1 HG009408
William Greenleaf, Michael Bassik Stanford University High-throughput systematic characterization of regulatory element function UM1 HG009436
John Lis, Haiyuan Yu Cornell University High-throughput functional characterization of human enhancers UM1 HG009393
Len Pennacchio, Axel Visel Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory In Vivo Characterization of Major ENCODE-Predicted Classes of Noncoding Variants UM1 HG009421
Tim Reddy, Maria Ciofani, Gregory Crawford, Charles Gersbach Duke University Regulatory Mechanisms Of CD4+ T Cell Differentiation UM1 HG009428
Pardis Sabeti Broad Institute Comprehensive Functional Characterisation And Dissection of Noncoding Regulatory Elements And Human Genetic Variation UM1 HG009435
Yin Shen, Bing Ren University of California, San Francisco; University of California, San Diego; Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research High-throughput CRISPR-mediated functional validation of regulatory elements UM1 HG009402
Kevin White University of Chicago Center For Functional Validation and Evaluation Of ENCODE Enhancer Regions UM1 HG009426
Computational Analysis Awards
Michael Beer Johns Hopkins University Systematic Identification of Core Regulatory Circuitry from ENCODE Data U01 HG009380
Christina Leslie Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Encoding genomic architecture in the encyclopedia: linking DNA elements, chromatin state, and gene expression in 3D U01 HG009395
Alkes Price, Soumya Raychaudhuri Harvard University; Brigham and Women's Hopsital Functionally specialized components of disease heritability in ENCODE data U01 HG009379
Jonathan Pritchard Stanford University Decoding the regulatory architecture of the human genome across cell types, indviduals and disease U01 HG009431
Ting Wang, Barak Cohen, Cedric Feschotte Washington University; University of Utah Connecting transposable elements and regulatory innovation using ENCODE data U01 HG009391
Xinshu Grace Xiao University of California, Los Angeles Analysis of functional genetic variants in RNA processing and expression U01 HG009417
Data Coordination Center
J. Michael Cherry Stanford University A Data Coordinating Center for ENCODE U24 HG009397
Data Analysis Center
Zhiping Weng, Mark Gerstein University of Massachusetts Medical School; Yale University EDAC: ENCODE Data Analysis Center U24 HG009446


Affiliate Members

Name Institution
Brenton Graveley, Gene Yeo University of Connecticut Health Center
Guo-Cheng Yuan Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Alexander Dobin Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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Last Updated: September 17, 2018

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