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Genetic Evaluation and Counseling for Genetic Testing

Genetic evaluation and counseling for genetic testing is provided by genetics professionals who have specialized degrees and experience in medical genetics and counseling. Genetics professionals include geneticists, genetic counselors and genetics nurses. Genetics professionals provide information and support to individuals or families who have a genetic disorder or who may be at risk for inherited conditions. With regard to genetic testing, genetics professionals:

  • Discuss the medical, social and ethical decisions surrounding genetic testing
  • Provide support and information to help a person make a decision about testing
  • Interpret the results of genetic tests and medical data
  • Explain possible treatments or preventive measures

Information about the genetic counseling process and how and where to locate a genetics clinic and health professionals is provided in this section.

How to find a Genetics Clinic and Health Professional: Referral Resources

Last updated: April 10, 2012