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Frequently asked questions about RFA-HG-08-004

RFA-HG-08-004: Genome-wide Association Studies of Treatment Response
in Randomized Clinical Trials — Study Investigators (U01)

September 8, 2008

If a cohort has already performed a genome-wide association study, will this FOA support studies for replication in an additional cohort?

No — this FOA is intended to support the addition of genome-wide association studies to clinical trials.  Funding is available for replication studies as part of this FOA only if they are following up a genome-wide association study also funded by this FOA.

If I have a population much larger or much smaller than the roughly 2,000 per treatment arm listed in the FOA, is my study still responsive?

The 2,000 participants per treatment arm is an estimate.  If applicants can justify that their sample size has sufficient power to detect genetic variants that influence treatment response, the application is responsive.  Sample sizes that are much larger than 2,000 per treatment arm are responsive, although this FOA may only be able to fund genotyping for a subset of the samples.

Last updated: May 21, 2012