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NHGRI has frequently used a "white paper" process to solicit ideas. This process was used, for example, to obtain suggestions about model organism sequencing targets, and was very successful not only in identifying many important organisms for genomic sequencing, but also in bringing together researchers working with particular model organisms. The white paper process also helps NHGRI address the competition among good ideas for finite resources. 

For the 2008-2011 planning process, NHGRI decided to use a white paper process as one approach for obtaining new ideas and generating community interest. On the basis of discussions among NHGRI staff and a number of the Institute's advisors, we identified four initial topic areas and generated initial white paper drafts for each. The initial white papers were revised based on comments from the community received through February 27, 2009, and the revised white papers were posted for review. Comments from the community on the revised white papers were collected from March 2009 through June 2009. Input received through this white paper comment process fed into other planning activities and workshops. Follow the links below to read the revised white papers and comments.

Revised White Papers

For more information about the NHGRI planning process, please contact:

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Last updated: February 07, 2011