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Airlie Conference Center
Warrenton, Virginia
July 6-8, 2010

As part of a strategic planning process, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) is holding a meeting of talented and creative individuals to help the NHGRI finalize a new strategic plan for genomics research, from which the Institute, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and others can design and implement future research programs. The meeting will take place at the Airlie Conference Center in Warrenton, Va., starting the evening of Tuesday, July 6, 2010, and concluding mid-day on Thursday, July 8, 2010.

In order to expand participation in the meeting and in the overall strategic planning process, the plenary sessions of this meeting are available for real-time viewing via webcast to an expanded audience of selected researchers, genomics trainees, and NHGRI staff. In addition, we are soliciting input from our external participants (and in-person attendees) through an interactive blog. We encourage you to share your opinions and questions about the meeting and the draft plan through this mechanism. Please see below a link to an annotated agenda, indicating those sessions for which the webcast and blog will be active. Also, below are links to the webcast and blog and to the draft strategic plan. 

Since its inception, the NHGRI has engaged in the formulation and publication of strategic plans. The first few of these plans focused on achieving the goals of the Human Genome Project. Our last planning effort, in 2001-2002, culminated with the publication of "A Vision for the Future of Genomics Research" in April 2003. While that "vision" has served the NHGRI well in guiding our research agenda, the field of genomics has advanced significantly in the past seven years. As such, about two years ago, we decided that it was again time to assess the state of genomics and to lay out new goals that will serve to challenge and stimulate the field. 

In 2008, we thus began the current NHGRI strategic planning process, which has now included a number of workshops and the development of a series of white papers exploring future opportunities in different areas of genomics. Through these and other activities, the NHGRI has gathered much information from the research and medical communities, the public, and our advisory groups and grantees. We are now in the process of drafting a document that will assemble the collective input into a new strategic plan for genomics that we anticipate publishing in December of this year. The purpose of the July meeting is to present that draft to a large number of experts from a wide range of relevant disciplines for discussion and refinement. 

Meeting Agenda

Roster of Planning Workshop Attendees

Planning Workshop Trainee Participants

Photos from the Meeting


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