Genotype-Tissue Expression Project (GTEx)

The Genotype-Tissue Expression Project (GTEx)

Progress Update

Researcher looking at a sample vial

As of August 2015:
  • GTEx reached its initial goal of 900 donors!  Because of efficiencies realized over the project, they may be able to enroll an additional 50-60 donors.  Analysis of the samples and data will continue for another 18 months.
  • Over 30,000 samples have been collected.

In fall of 2015, information on gene expression for over 450 donors is scheduled to be released to the scientific community through the database of Genotype and Phenotype (dbGaP). Additionally, the new version of the GTEx Genome Browser has been launched and features new visualization tools.

In 2014, The National Institutes of Health awarded eight new grants to researchers to use tissues donated to GTEx to explore how human genes are expressed and regulated in different tissues.

The GTEx team would like to thank the donors and their families for this generous gift to the scientific community.



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Last Updated: September 23, 2015