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About Image Gallery

General Information

NHGRI's Image Gallery contains photos, graphic images and videos collected by the Communications and Public Liaison Branch. Contents include general biomedical and research-related images, genome and patient-related images and portraits of NHGRI directors and staff. The Image Gallery currently provides public access to more than 1,300 images.

Use of Images

Except where noted on the image details page, images contained in this database are in the public domain and may be used, linked or reproduced without permission. If you use an image, please credit the listed source and/or author and add a link back to our homepage ( when possible.

Some images are copyright protected and are not in the public domain. If an image is copyright protected, please contact the rights holder to obtain reuse permission. This information will be published on the image details page if available. For more information on NHGRI's copyright policy regarding use of Internet assets, please see


If you have questions or comments regarding this database or other assets on, you can send them to NHGRI at

If you have urgent questions or concerns about the content in the Image Gallery, please contact the NHGRI communications branch or call (301) 402-0911.


Last Updated: November 22, 2015