Genetics and Public Policy Fellowship
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ASHG/NHGRI Genetics and Public Policy Fellowship

Past ASHG/NHGRI Fellow Testimonials

Derek Scholes

Derek Scholes"This fellowship changed my life. During my postdoc, I developed a passion for science and health policy, and was very keen to pursue a policy career. The fellowship was exactly the opportunity I needed to gain the training, knowledge and experience necessary to enter the policy world of Washington, D.C. Because the fellowship allows the fellow to work in different settings, I gained an appreciation of the range of career options available, and this empowered me to choose a career path after the fellowship that was right for me. It is a wonderful bonus that the alumni from this fellowship all remain in contact with each other: I consider this network of former fellows to be among my most trusted colleagues."

- Derek Scholes (2005 ASHG/NHGRI Fellow)

Laura Koontz

Laura KoontzThe ASHG/NHGRI Genetics and Public Policy Fellowship was without exaggeration a life-changing experience. My fellowship allowed me to take my background in genetics research and translate it into a career as a public policy professional at a national cancer patient advocacy organization. Not only has the experience been invaluable, the network of fellows I've joined as an alumna are among the best policy professionals in D.C...The fellowship has also allowed me to fully realize my commitment to bettering the lives and treatment of people with cancer - the reason I got into scientific research in the first place!

- Laura Koontz (2012 ASHG/NHGRI Fellow)  

Cristina Kapustij

Christina KapustijI've gained a very desirable skillset and professional network only achievable by doing the work I was given. I will use the tools this experience has given me in every aspect of my career. This fellowship has created a group of impressive policy makers networked into the genetics community that is a force to be reckoned with in Washington, DC. And our numbers grow every year.

- Cristina Kapustij (2011 ASHG/NHGRI Fellow)    


Ed Ramos

Ed RamosWithout question, the fellowship brought to light new pathways not often considered when pursuing a PhD and I am grateful for the strong network that supported me as a fellow and continues to support me to this day.

- Ed Ramos (2006 ASHG/NHGRI Fellow)


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Last Updated: April 25, 2016