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Future Opportunities for Genome Sequencing and Beyond:
A Planning Workshop for the National Human Genome Research Institute



National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research

Scientific Advisors to the Genome Sequencing Program


Workshop Agenda Committee

Ewan Birney, Eric Boerwinkle, Carlos Bustamante, Joe Ecker, Jim Evans, Bill Gelbart andLen Pennacchio

NHGRI Leadership

Lawrence Brody, Bettie Graham, Eric Green, Teri Manolio, Rudy Pozzatti, Jeff Schloss, Mark Guyer, Jane Peterson.


Shannon Biello, Deborah Colantuoni, Catherine Crawford, Elise Feingold, Adam Felsenfeld, Lucia Hindorff, Carolyn Hutter, Alexander Lee, Mike Pazin, Mike Smith, Heidi Sofia, Yekaterina Vaydylevich, Lu Wang, Chris Wellington, Kris Wetterstrand

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Last Updated: April 30, 2015