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On June 8-9, 2015, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) sponsored its eighth Genomic Medicine meeting - Genomic Medicine Meeting VIII: NHGRI's Genomic Medicine Portfolio - at the Hilton Washington D.C./Rockville Hotel & Executive Meeting Center in Rockville, Md.

The meeting convened leadership from NHGRI's genomic medicine programs and representatives from other NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) and external groups to:

  • Review NHGRI's ongoing genomic medicine portfolio and identify gaps and opportunities for collaborations among these programs.
  • Identify related programs of other NIH ICs or other funders and opportunities for collaborations with NHGRI programs.
  • Identify research needs in genomic medicine for NHGRI and partner agencies to pursue.
  • Enhance approaches to capturing and disseminating best practices for genomic medicine.
  • Examine potential methods for assessing impact of programs.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Topic Speaker
Welcome, Introductions, and Goals of the Meeting
 Video (McCleod) |  Video (Green)
Howard McCleod
Eric Green
Overview of NHGRI Genomic Medicine Programs
 Video | Slides 
Teri Manolio
Panel 1: Key Unaddressed Evidence Gaps in Implementing Genomic Medicine
 Video (Presentation) |  Video (Discussion) | Slides 
Geoff Ginsburg*
Jonathan Berg
Pierre Meulien
Gurvaneet Randhawa
Panel 2: Consistency of Interpretation of Variants Across Expert Labs / Groups, ClinVar Submissions
 Video (Presentation) |  Video (Discussion) | Slides 
Dan Roden*
Gail Jarvik
Robert Green
Panel 3: Changes in Evidence and Thus Updating Recommendations, Treatment
 Video (Presentation) |  Video (Discussion) | Slides 
Howard Jacob*
Heidi Rehm
Sharon Plon
Katrina Goddard
Panel 4: Metrics of Progress and Measures of Impact Including Cost-Effectiveness,
Outcomes to Value to Players, Influencing Quality of Care Through Healthcare Systems

 Video (Presentation) |  Video (Discussion) | Slides 
Marc Williams*
Warwick Anderson
Erwin Bottinger
Ruth Brenner
Panel 5: Enhancing Functionality of EHRs for Genomic Research, Including E-Phenotying,
Integrating Genomic Data, Transportable CDS, Privacy Threats

 Video (Presentation) |  Video (Discussion) | Slides 
Rex Chisholm*
Alexa McCray
Chris Chute
Panel 6: Increasing Diversity Among Patient Populations and Care Systems
 Video (Presentation) |  Video (Discussion) | Slides 
Carol Bult*
Cynthia Powell
Vence Bonham
Craig Hanis

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Topic Speaker
Panel 7: Streamline Clinical Workflow, Transportability to Other Systems"
 Video (Presentation) |  Video (Discussion) | Slides 
Howard McLeod*
Mike Gaziano
Stephen Kingsmore
Erin Ramos
Panel 8: Clinician Education (Especially Residents on Rotation, Genetic Counselors),
Reporting Results to Clinicians

 Video (Presentation) |  Video (Discussion) | Slides 
Mary Relling*
Julie Johnson
Bob Wildin
Wendy Rubinstein
Panel 9: Patient-Facing Information Tools, Counseling/Consent, Reporting Results to Patients
 Video (Presentation) |  Video (Discussion) | Slides 
Laura Lyman Rodriguez*
Steve Joffe
William Lawrence
Janet Williams
Second Day Summary and Discussion
 Video | Slides 
Howard McLeod
Teri Manolio

* Genomic Medicine Working Group (GMWG) Member

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