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Translation and Integration of Genomics is Essential to Doctoral Nursing: TIGER

A program to train doctoral nurses in the translation and integration of genomics into academics, research and clinical practice.

Vanderbilt University

Epigenomics Workshop for Graduate Students

A workshop hosted by the Van Andel Institute to give graduate students an overview of the latest methodology and its applications across several fields.

Van Andel Research Institute

Genomic Competencies for Nurses from Theory to Application: An Online Long Course

A free, self-paced course to improve nurses' literacy in genetics and genomics to benefit their research, clinical practice and teaching. The program is designed for doctoral-level nurses and faculty.

Duquesne University

Reproducible and FAIR Bioinformatics Analysis of Omics Data

The course provides students with a practical knowledge of the bioinformatics and biostatistics relevant to biomedical research. The program is designed for biomedical research scientists-in-training.

Mount Desert Island Biological Lab

CSHL Statistical Methods for Functional Genomics Course

The course is designed to build competence in statistical methods for analyzing high-throughput data in genomics and molecular biology. The workshop is geared towards graduate students, Ph.D students, senior investigators and postdoctoral scholars.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Workshops on Genomics and Next Generation Computational Statistics for Big Data

The workshops are hand-on programs for those who are interested in learning data analysis, programming and statistical techniques , which included the analysis of next generation sequence data. The program is designed for researchers at the postdoctoral and early career level, senior biomedical researchers transitioning to more quantitative genomic research and senior computational scientists.

University of California Los Angeles

Advanced Gene Mapping Course

The course focuses on analyzing sequence and other omics data to elucidate the genetic etiology complex human disease traits. The course is designed for advanced researchers typically pre-doctoral students or post-doctoral fellows.

Rockefeller University

CSHL Computational Genomics Course

This course presents a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of computational methods for the characterization of functional elements in DNA and RNA sequence data. The workshop is geared towards graduate students, Ph.D students, senior investigators and postdoctoral scholars.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

CSHL Programming for Biology Course

Focused on python and designed for lab biologists with little or no programming experience, this course will give students the bioinformatic sand scripting skills they need to derive biological insights for an abundance of data.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Clinical Research Education in Genome Science (CREiGS)

An educational program for doctoral students, residents, postdoctoral scholars and faculty engaged in clinical and translational research with limited background in the analysis of genetics/genomics data.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Development of Online Computational Genomics Specialization

Geared towards undergraduate students, the goal of the MOOC is to develop courses covering a broad range of topics in modern computational genomics.

University of California, San Diego

Expanding the Impact of the Summer Internship for Indigenous People in Genomics (SING) short course

A one-week workshop that discusses the uses, misuses and limitation of genomics as a tool for indigenous peoples' communities. The short course also trains indigenous peoples to use concepts and methods currently employed in genomics. The workshop is designed for undergraduate students, graduate students and individuals who would like to continue their education in the sciences.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Jackson Laboratory's Workshop on Long-Read Genomic Technologies

The workshop is designed for graduate students, post - doctoral fellow, faculty, and other scientists or clinicians who are interesting in long - read sequencing. The Participants will learn about the technology and molecular biology driving each long-read sequencing platform, their commonalities and differences, and hear about their applications to basic, translational, and clinical genomics.

The Jackson Laboratory

An Immersive Experience in Medical Genomics

Designed for clinician-scientists and researchers, the four-day course in translational genomics features workshops to teach Next generation sequencing analysis skills.

Children's Mercy Kansas City

Last updated: November 14, 2021