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The Intramural Research Program of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) at the National Institutes of Health is seeking a postdoc to join the newly formed Systems Biology and Genome Engineering Section (SBGE), in Bethesda, Maryland.

Position Description

The section's focus is on genome functionalization: understanding how variation across the genome affects phenotypes. To tackle this question, we will be developing and applying new high-throughput methods. This includes harnessing the strengths of CRISPR, large scale oligo synthesis, and yeast genetics. Research in the SBGE involves both wet lab and dry lab components, giving postdocs the opportunity to develop and sharpen skills in either.

Postdocs in the SBGE will be joining the unique scientific environment at the NIH, with thousands of highly collaborative researchers working on topics spanning basic biology to clinical research. In addition, the Washington, D.C. metro area is an exciting, cosmopolitan place to live, with excellent transit, schools, and attractions.

The successful candidate will have completed or be nearing the completion of their Ph.D., and have interests in genetics, evolution, or systems biology. The position will require strong oral and written communication skills, as well as fluency in English. It is important that the successful candidate be able to work semi-independently at developing and troubleshooting novel techniques, reading current scientific literature and applying it to their project, and presenting data and ideas through lab meetings, seminars, conferences, and written publications.

Interested applications should send a detailed letter of interest to Dr. Meru Sadhu at meru@nih.gov.

The letter should include the applicant's motivation for joining the SBGE, as well as one or two project ideas that the applicant would be interested in pursuing. In addition, applicants should include their CV and the names of three potential references.

For more information, please visit Dr. Sadhu's research group.

The NIH and SBGE are dedicated to building a diverse community in its training and employment programs

Last updated: January 8, 2019