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The NIH Residency Electives Program (REP) is an opportunity for a 4-to-8-week elective in the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD. It is open to residents and clinical fellows enrolled in ACGME-accredited training programs throughout the United States.


Participants have the opportunity to have direct experience in the care of patients enrolled in investigational protocols in the disciplines listed below. Participants in these elective rotations also have exposure to the design, conduct, and management of investigational protocols, including clinical trials.


Depending on the elective rotation of interest, certain eligibility requirements must be met. When reading descriptions of available electives, please consider that every rotation is unique. However, all residents are required to have their salary and benefits continued, and their malpractice/liability coverage provided by their home/sponsoring institution for the duration of the elective rotation. The REP does not offer either a housing or travel subsidy for selected participants.

Clinical Genetics at NHGRI

  • NHGRI investigators harness genomic technologies to diagnose and treat both rare and common diseases.

  • The Reverse Phenotyping Core transforms the practice of medicine through its genome-first approach.

  • The Undiagnosed Diseases Program helps complex patients through their diagnostic journeys.

Elective Aims

  • Become familiar with fundamental concepts in clinical genetics

  • Learn about genomic sequencing and management of genetic disorders

  • Participate in supervised clinical, laboratory, bioinformatics, or library research projects


Chris Ours, M.D.
NHGRI, Clinical Elective Program, Co-Director
Resident Elective Program, Co-Director

Oleg Shchelochkov, M.D.
NHGRI, Medical Genetics Fellowship, Director
Resident Elective Program, Co-Director
Clinical Elective Program, Co-Director

Last updated: March 8, 2024