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ENCODE Workshop, April 2015, Keystone Symposia

CONTENT and/or FUNCTION of the imageOn April 1st, 2015, the ENCODE consortium held a workshop at the Keystone Symposia on Epigenomics and DNA Methylation. This workshop was intended for both the beginner and advanced ENCODE users.

First, we illustrated how to use the ENCODE portal website, including how to browse, search and download ENCODE data. We also introduced the ENCODE analysis pipeline and the REST APIs. We explained the ENCODE element annotations and its query website. Next, we presented chromosomal annotation (ChromHMM) and epigenome imputation. Finally, we illustrated how the ENCODE data can help us hypothesize the causal variants underlying disease and cancer.

Agenda and Resources

All files are in PDF fileformat.

2015 Keystone ENCODE Workshop

Bing Ren, University of California, San Diego

PresentationENCODE Overview

Seth Strattan, Stanford University

PresentationInteractive Workshop on ENCODE Portal

Feng Yue, Pennsylvania State University

PresentationInteractive Workshop on ENCODE Elements and Resources (such as HaploReg and RegulomeDB)

Jason Ernst, University of California, Los Angeles

PresentationChromatin State and Imputation

Manolis Kellis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Presentation: Epigenomics of Common, Rare, and Somatic Variants Underlying Disease and Cancer
(Presentation not available at this time.)

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