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AnVIL Clinical Resource Pre-Application Webinar FAQ

On November 2, 2022, NHGRI hosted a webinar to provide an overview of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the AnVIL Clinical Resource (ACR) RFA-HG-22-021. We collected the questions and answers from the webinar to help applicants.

Is the goal of the ACR to provide functionality to return results to clinical research subjects?


Yes, the purpose of the ACR is to provide genomic-based clinical resources within the AnVIL platform to support clinical genomic research.

Will the ACR center be limited to technologies that have been approved by the Broad Terra architecture team?


Not necessarily. You can submit your proposal and work with AnVIL team to make sure your resources can be integrated into the Terra platform. The decision of integration is ultimately left up to the AnVIL Steering committee

Will the ACR team be able to use new cloud technologies, such as Trusted Execution Environments?


This decision is left up to the AnVIL Steering committee.

Are there any specific GA4GH APIs that should be prioritized?


No, but the applicant should be verse in the APIs available and which APIs AnVIL is currently using.

Is the ACR FOA to support tool development or consultant services?


Both types of services will be required

Can an established platform be added to the ACR?


All tools, workflows, and software will need to be integrated into and accessed from the AnVIL Terra platform

Are the existing AnVIL awardees eligible to submit applications in response to the ACR FOA?


Applications from institutions that are the primary awardees from RFA-HG-17-011, “The NHGRI Genomic Data Science Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-space (AnVIL) (U24)” are not eligible to be the primary institution submitting an application in response to this funding opportunity announcement.

Do tools and workflows proposed in applications need to already be compliant with AnVIL’s current security environment?


No, but applicants need to budget accordingly to cover costs to have their tools and workflows become compliant with AnVILs’ security environment.

Do applications require a letter of support from the existing AnVIL awardees?


Answer: No, a letter of support from the existing AnVIL awardees is not a requirement.

Last updated: November 28, 2022