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The Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project (HGP) is one of the greatest scientific feats in history. The project was a voyage of biological discovery led by an international group of researchers looking to comprehensively study all of the DNA (known as a genome) of a select set of organisms. Launched in October 1990 and completed in April 2003, the Human Genome Project’s signature accomplishment – generating the first sequence of the human genome – provided fundamental information about the human blueprint, which has since accelerated the study of human biology and improved the practice of medicine.

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Virtual Exhibit
"The Human Genome Project is simply a bad idea"

A virtual exhibit exploring the 1990 letter writing campaign to oppose the HGP.

G5 Reunion
Video: 20 Years after the Human Genome Project: G5 Leaders Reunite

A virtual discussion with the leaders of the five genome-sequencing centers that provides the untold story on how they got the HGP across the finish line in 2003.

DNA sequencing by gel electrophoresis
Human Genome Project Fact Sheet

A fact sheet detailing how the project began and how it shaped the future of research and technology.

Human Genome Project Timeline of Events | NHGRI
Human Genome Project Timeline

An interactive timeline listing key moments from the history of the project.

HGP Timeline
Human Genome Project Poster

A downloadable poster containing major scientific landmarks before and throughout the project.

Francis Collins
Video: Lessons from the Human Genome Project

Prominent scientists involved in the project reflect on the lessons learned.

HGP Banbury Meeting
Human Genome Project: Twenty-five Years of Big Biology

Commentary in the journal Nature written by NHGRI leaders discussing the legacies of the project.

Science and Nature Covers
Human Genome Project Overview Slides

Lecture-oriented slides telling the story of the project by a front-line participant.

Last updated: May 14, 2024