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H3Africa Consortium Array Will Bring Leading-Edge Genomics Tool to Address African Genomic Diversity

In a major advance for those engaged in genomic research in African ancestry populations, Illumina will be developing a GWAS array based on data from the Human Heredity and Health in Africa Initiative (H3Africa).

Accelerating Study of African Genomes

This array will include novel content based on sampling of individuals from populations across Africa. This tool promises to address a key limitation of current research efforts in terms of trying to interrogate the genomes of African ancestry individuals with tools that were not designed to sufficiently capture the genomic diversity of these individuals. This extraordinary effort has been driven by the H3Africa Genome Analysis Working Group, of which Center for Research on Genomics and Global Health (CRGGH)'s Deputy Director, Adebowale Adeyemo, serves as co-chair.

More information about this achievement is available through Illumina and Quartz Africa.

Last updated: November 14, 2016