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Welcome to the Genome Statute and Legislation Database

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The Genome Statute and Legislation Database is comprised of state statutes and bills introduced during the 2007-2019 U.S. state legislative sessions. The database is reviewed and updated monthly. Searchable topics in the database include employment and insurance discrimination, health insurance coverage, privacy, research, the use of residual newborn screening specimens, and other topics of interest.

NHGRI's Table of State Statutes Related to Genomics provides the total number of states that have enacted legislation on the topics in the database, together with a description of each topic. (In some cases the state legislature has enacted multiple bills pertaining to one topic area. As a result, a database search may yield several statute entries for one state on a particular topic.)

Note that the database does not contain information about state regulations. Some states have developed regulations concerning genetic nondiscrimination in employment and insurance, health insurance coverage, genetic privacy, research and the use of residual newborn screening specimens. To search regulations in a particular state, visit the Cornell Legal Information Institute, click on the name of the state, and scroll down to the regulations link.

Definitions of terms such as "bill", "statute", and "regulation" are available through the Glossary of Terms.

The database does not include state genetic counselor licensing laws. For information about this topic, visit the National Society of Genetic Counselors.

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Last Update  April 15, 2019

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