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Dr. Ivona Aksentijevich is an associate investigator in NHGRI Metabolic, Cardiovascular and Inflammatory Disease Genomics Branch.
… dr. ivona aksentijevich obtained her medical degree from belgrade … the genetics of monogenic autoinflammatory diseases. dr. aksentijevich is certified in clinical molecular genetics by … 6:415-19 1994. [ pubmed ] international fmf consortium (ivona aksentijevich, one of four first co-authors). ancient …
News Release
NIH researchers have discovered a rare and sometimes lethal inflammatory disease - otulipenia - that primarily affects young children.
… to clinical disorders of the human immune system," said ivona aksentijevich , m.d., staff scientist in nhgri's medical … diseases, otulipenia, otulin, daniel kastner m.d. ph.d., ivona aksentijevich , m.d. … nih researchers have discovered …
News Release
NIH researchers identified gene variants that cause a rare syndrome of sporadic fevers, skin rashes and recurring strokes, beginning early in childhood.
… populations and that it is not that uncommon," said ivona aksentijevich , m.d., senior author and staff scientist in … inflammation, cecr1 gene, deficiency of ada2, dada2, ivona aksentijevich m.d. … nih researchers identified gene …
Research Training
The Clinical Center Genomics Opportunity promotes precision medicine and development of infrastructure to support clinical genomics at the NIH Clinical Center.
… , nhgri (co-chairs) david adams, staff clinician, nhgri ivona aksentijevich , nhgri, staff scientist lawrence brody , …