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A stem cell is a cell with the potential to form many of the different cell types found in the body.
stem cell … a stem cell is a cell with the potential to form … of the different cell types found in the body. when stem cells divide, they can form more stem cells or other cells … have the potential to form a complete individual, whereas adult stem cells can only form certain types of specialized …
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A new study by scientists at NHGRI, suggests that iPSCs do not develop more mutations than cells that are duplicated by subcloning.
… ph.d., developed the breakthrough technique to return any adult cell to its earliest stage of development (a pluripotent stem cell ) and change it into different types of cells in the body. … called induced pluripotent stem cells
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In a study published in the journal Science, collaborators at NHGRI, the National University of Ireland, Galway, and the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience at the University of Florida, Augustine, reported that activation of the gene Tfap2 in adult stem cells in Hydractinia can turn those cells into germ cells in a cycle that can repeat endlessly.
… called hydractinia, does so because it produces germ cells , which are precursors to eggs and sperm, nonstop … augustine, reported that activation of the gene tfap2 in adult stem cells in hydractinia can turn those cells into germ …
Cynthia Tifft, M.D., Ph.D. is the deputy clinical director for the National Human Genome Research Institute.
… by inhibiting activation of macrophage-derived microglial cells leading to neuronal apoptosis. this was the first … the proia/tifft team have generated induced pluripotent stem (ips) cells from a patient with infantile sandhoff …
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A knockout mouse is a laboratory mouse in which researchers have inactivated an existing gene by replacing it or disrupting it with an artificial piece of DNA.
… that the genetically altered embryos cannot grow into adult mice. the lack of adult mice limits studies to … human disease. … researchers begin by harvesting embryonic stem (es) cells from early-stage mouse embryos four days after …
Dr. Paul Liu is NHGRI's deputy scientific director and a senior investigator in NHGRI's Translational and Functional Genomics Branch. ​
… during leukemia development by microarray analysis with cells from cbfb-myh11 knock-in mice, and identified … made novel findings regarding its role in hematopoietic stem cell production (bresciani, blood in press). overall the … bm, wen z, and liu pp. development of multi-lineage adult hematopoiesis in the zebrafish with a runx1 truncation …
Dr. Settara Chandrasekharappa is an associate investigator in NHGRI's Cancer Genetics and Comparative Genomics Branch.
… in vitro hematopoietic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells and this role of menin is mediated by its ability to …
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Cloning describes a number of different processes that can be used to produce genetically identical copies of a biological entity.
… a wide range of biological materials, including genes, cells , tissues and even entire organisms, such as a sheep. … … of whole animals. therapeutic cloning produces embryonic stem cells for experiments aimed at creating tissues to … in the test-tube and then is implanted into the womb of an adult female animal. ultimately, the adult female gives birth …
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Genetics refers to the study of genes and their roles in inheritance. Genomics refers to the study of all of a person's genes (the genome).
… for making proteins, which direct the activities of cells and functions of the body. examples of genetic or … (see: frequently asked questions about pharmacogenomics ). stem cell therapy stem cells have two important … on to develop all of the cells in the complete organism. adult stem cells come from more fully developed tissues, like …
William J. Pavan, Ph.D. is the chief of NHGRI's Genetic Disease Research Branch.
… include the development and diseases of melanocytes, the cells responsible for pigmentation of skin and hair, as well … transcription factor  sox10  result in neural crest stem cell defects in mice that accurately model enteric … and melanoma by identifying modifiers of sox10 in adult melanocyte stem cells (mcsc) and melanoma. one of these …