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A biological pathway is a series of actions among molecules in a cell that leads to a certain product or a change in the cell.
… A biological pathway is a series of actions among molecules in … to these cues, cells send and receive signals through biological pathways. The molecules that make up biological pathways
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NHGRI hosted two Pathway to Independance awardees and supported 18 additional investigators at institutions nationwide.
… Institute on Aging. Dr. Harris studies genes and molecular pathways that contribute to healthy adult stem cells, cells … function in adults and can inform us about critical pathways that may be misregulated in melanocyte cancer, or …
Policy Issues
Synthetic biology is a field of science that involves redesigning organisms for useful purposes by engineering them to have new abilities.
… the risk that synthetic biology could be used to develop biological weapons. While this group of researchers did not …
Research at NHGRI
The Genetics and Molecular Biology Branch uses genomic technologies to study the human genome and other organisms and disease mechanisms.
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NIH awards more than $64 million to for a database of human cellular responses called the Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures or LINCS.
… responses will improve scientists' understanding of cell pathways and aid in the development of new therapies for many … of cellular responses to address a wider range of basic biological and disease-related problems than was possible in … … NIH awards aim to improve understanding of cell pathways, development of new therapies … NIH awards more than …
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TCF1 (for T cell factor-1) is essential for the creation and persistence of disease-fighting antibodies in the bloodstream.
… declare that their findings "may help shed light on pathways important for the development of vaccines and immune …