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M.D. University of Maryland, Baltimore


Dr. Gordon-Lipkin is a researcher and child neurologist with expertise in neurodevelopmental disabilities in the Metabolism, Infection and Immunity (MINI) Section, at NHGRI. She completed her medical training from the University of Maryland in Baltimore; residency in pediatrics from the Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital in New York City; fellowship and subspeciality training in Child Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Kennedy Krieger Institute, respectively, where she acquired expertise in neurogenetic and neuroimmune disorders. In 2018, she joined the MINI Section at NHGRI as a staff clinician and assistant research physician. Dr. Gordon-Lipkin currently sees patients with neurodevelopmental disabilities specifically focusing on mitochondrial, neuroinfectious and neuroinflammatory disorders in children.

Scientific Summary

Dr. Gordon-Lipkin’s longstanding research interests focus on the effects of infection and inflammation on brain development and harnessing this knowledge to optimize clinical care for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Her prior work spans multiple neuroinflammatory conditions including autoimmune encephalitis, acute flaccid myelitis, and multiple sclerosis. Her current work with Dr. Peter McGuire in the MINI Section at NHGRI focuses on immune phenotyping of mitochondrial disease to better understand why infections lead to neurologic decline in these patients. She is the principal investigator of two clinical research protocols for mitochondrial disease at the NIH Clinical Center. Her recent publications have identified deficits in humoral immunity in this patient population.


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Last updated: November 6, 2023