Division of Management
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Intramural Administrative Management Branch (IAMB)

The Intramural Administrative Management Branch (IAMB) provides administrative management support to the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) Division of Intramural Research. The IAMB manages travel, budget, space, property, purchasing, inventory, human resources, workforce planning, and other related areas. In order to provide these services at a consistently high level, the IAMB works in partnership with senior administrators and the National Institutes of Health scientific community in the early stages of decision-making for resource allocation and strategic planning.


Patricia Messick
E-mail: messickpa@mail.nih.gov

Deputy Director

Pamela Klein
E-mail: kleinpa@mail.gov

Administrative Staff

Danielle Buice
Administrative Officer
E-mail: buiced@mail.nih.gov

Paola Gutierrez
Administrative Officer
E-mail: pgutierr@mail.nih.gov

Candace Lindsay
Administrative Officer
E-mail: lindsayc@mail.nih.gov

Angie McFadden
Administrative Technician
E-mail: mcfaddenac@mail.nih.gov

Ava Miller
Administrative Officer
E-mail: ava.miller@nih.gov

Kathy Mouton
Administrative Officer
E-mail: moutonk@mail.nih.gov

Kristine Hodges
Administrative Officer
E-mail: pandohie@mail.nih.gov

Jasse' Dickens
Administrative Officer
E-mail: jasse.dickens@.nih.gov


Intramural Administrative Management Branch (IAMB)
Office of the Scientific Director
National Human Genome Research Institute
National Institutes of Health
12A South Drive MSC 5611
Suite 1025
Bethesda, MD 20982-5611

Phone: (301) 594-5641
Fax: (301) 402-2120

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Last Updated: October 6, 2015