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Book Resources

NOTE: NHGRI does not endorse these readings. The choices expressed on this Webpage do not necessarily state or reflect the views of the U.S. government, and they may not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes.

For Parents

Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents - Barkley
Hyperactive Children Grown Up - Weiss, Hechtman
Interventions for ADHD - Teeter
Your Defiant Child - Barkley, Benton
The Parent's Guide to Attention Deficit Disorders, 2nd Edition - McCarney and Bauer
Attention Deficit Disorder, A Different Perspective - Hartman
Attention Deficit Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment From Infancy to Adulthood - Quinn
Daredevils and Daydreamers - Ingersoll
Defiant Children - Barkley
Helping the Child Who Doesn't Fit In - Nowicki and Duke
Hyperactivity: Why Won't My Child Pay Attention? - Goldstein and Goldstein
Learning Outside the Lines - Mooney and Cole
Life on the Edge: Parenting a Child With ADD/ADHD - Spohn
Lonely, Sad and Angry: A Parent's Guide to Depression in Children & Adolescents - Goldstei
Many Ways to Learn - Stern and Ami
The Misunderstood Child - Silver
Why Johnny Can't Concentrate - Moss and Dunlap
You and Your ADHD Child - Warren and Capeheart
Keys to Parenting a Child With Attention Deficit Disorders - McNamara & McNamara
Homework Success for Children with ADHD - Power, Karustis, Habboushe
Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood through Adulthood - Hallowell, Ratey
Straight Talk About Psychiatric Medications for Kids - Wilens
Beyond Ritalin: Facts about Medication and Other Strategies for Helping Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders - Garber

For Children

Distant Drums, Different Drummers - Ingersoll
Adolescents and ADD - Quinn
ADD and the College Student - Quinn
Getting a Grip on ADD - Frank and Smith
Jumpin Johnny, Get Back to Work - Gordon
Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention - Nadeau and Dixon
Otto Learns About His Medicine - Galvin
Shelley, the Hyperactive Turtle - Moss and Schwartz
Zipper: the Kid with ADHD - Janover
The Don't Give Up Kid - Gehret
Eagle Eyes - Gehret
Putting on the Brakes: Young people's guide to understanding ADHD - Quinn and Stern
Help is on the Way: A child's book about ADHD - Nemiroff and Annunziata
Sparkey's Excellent Misadventures: My ADD Journal - Carpenter

For Siblings

My Brother's a World Class Pain - Gordon
I'm Somebody, Too - Gehret

For Anyone Who is Interested

Teaching Teens with ADD and ADHD - Dendy
The Clinician's Practical Guide to ADHD - Mercugliano, Power, Blum
Stimulant Drugs and ADHD - Solanto, Arnsten, Castellanos
Family Therapy for ADHD - Everett & Everett
ADHD and the Nature of Self Control - Barkley
Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perspective - Hartmann
Attention Deficit Disorder, Diagnosis & Treatment from Infancy to Adulthood - Quinn
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment (Second Edition) - Barkley
Genetics of Mental Disorders: A guide for Students, Clinicians, and Researchers - Faraone, Tsuang, and Tsuang
Handbook of Neurodevelopmental and Genetic Disorders in Childhood - Goldstein and Reynolds
How to Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children: Practical Techniques, Strategies, and Interventions for Helping Children with Attention Problems and Hyperactivity - Rief
A New Look at ADHD - Barkley
Attention, Genes, and ADHD - Levy and Hay
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with ADHD Children - Braswell


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