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June 5-6, 2006

Symposium Goals and Output | Summary and Recommendations | Progress on Recommendations

Agenda and Presentations

June 5, 2006
Time Presentation Speaker
6:00 p.m. Opportunities and challenges in applying genomic techniques to population studies Teri Manolio
6:30 p.m. Primer on basics of genome-wide association and sequencing Francis Collins
7:00 p.m. Primer on genotype-phenotype analysis with illustrative case studies John Hardy
7:30 p.m. NIH-wide policies on sharing of data from genome-wide association studies Susan Shurin
8:00 p.m. Discussion & Definition of Goals for Day II Francis Collins
8:30 p.m. Adjournment  
June 6, 2006
Time Panel Speakers
9:30 a.m. Panel 1
Challenges of keeping pace with evolving genotyping and
sequencing techhnology

Issues for Consideration
Beena Akolkar
Stephen Chanock (leader)
Luigi Ferrucci
Daniela Gerhard
Eric Green
James Mullikin
10:00 a.m. Panel 2
Towards common bioinformatic and analytical platforms
Issues for Consideration
Kenneth Buetow
Nanwei Cao
Jonathan Horsford
Matthew Portnoy
Rebekah Rasooly (leader)
Steve Sherry
10:30 a.m. Break  
11:00 a.m. Panel 3
Requirements for informed consent and institutional approvals
Issues for Consideration
Panel 3 Materials
Marianna Bledsoe
Katrina Gwinn-Hardy (leader)
Mary Kerr
Laura Rodriguez
12:00 p.m. Working Lunch  
1:00 p.m. Panel 4
Promoting inter-IC collaborations and making the most of available
population studies

Issues for Consideration
Panel 4 Materials
Jay Everhart
Thomas Hart
Thomas Lehner
Rochelle Long
Teri Manolio (leader)
Bracie Watson
2:00 p.m. Panel 5
Prioritizing studies for whole genome association genotyping
Issues for Consideration
James Battey (leader)
Joan Bailey-Wilson
Patricia Hartge
Christopher O'Donnell
Lenore Launer
Tin-Lap Lee
3:00 p.m. Break  
3:30 p.m. Panel 6
Proposed mechanisms for funding collaborative genomic projects
that capitalize on existing studies

Issues for Consideration
Panel 6 Materials
Lisa Brooks
Robert Karp
Pamela McInnes
Mark Rohrbaugh
Winifred Rossi (leader)
Gerald Sharp (leader)
William Sharrock
4:30 p.m. Summary and Recommendations Francis Collins

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