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Genetics, Genomics and Patient Management

New genetic and genomic research discoveries are ushering in a new era of healthcare - personalized medicine. Personalized medicine has the potential to transform healthcare through earlier diagnosis, move effective prevention and treatment of disease, and avoidance of drug side effects. Many clinical tools are now available to healthcare providers to personalize screening, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals and their families.

Information from Clinical Workshops


Webinars for Health Insurers and Payers: Understanding Genetic Testing New
An educational webinar series to prepare insurers to understand genetic testing strategies, interpretations, outcomes and patient care, and use that understanding in making sound decisions regarding the healthcare activities of their insured.


Future Opportunities for Genome Sequencing and Beyond: A Planning Workshop for the National Human Genome Research Institute
The objectives of the workshop were to discuss the scientific questions and opportunities that can be substantially addressed by large-scale genomics studies, starting with genome sequencing but also considering other genomic technologies and consider options for future NHGRI programs that would address these questions and opportunities. Includes clinical genomics topics.


Genomic Medicine Centers Meeting V
The goals of the meeting were to Review ongoing and planned activities and obstacles to the implementation of genomic medicine by U.S. federal agencies, understand how NHGRI and NIH can facilitate or expand work by U.S. federal agencies, establish needs and goals in the implementation of genomic medicine in anticipation of discussions with international stakeholders at Genomic Medicine VI, and  learn about ongoing genomic medicine initiatives at centers nationwide and within NIH.

Genomic Medicine Centers Meeting IV
January 28-29, 2013


Genomic Medicine Centers Meeting III
May 3-4, 2012


Characterizing and Displaying Genetic Variants for Clinical Action
The Characterizing and Displaying Genetic Variants for Clinical Action workshop brought together speakers and participants from a wide range of disciplines and organizations to consider the processes and resources needed to identify clinically relevant genetic variants; decide whether they are actionable and what the action should be; and provide this information for clinical use.

Genomic Opportunities for Studying Sickle Cell Disease
The Genomic Opportunities for Studying Sickle Cell Disease workshop brought together an interdisciplinary group of researchers to explore the feasibility and utility of using genomic technologies to further advance the study of sickle cell disease.

Genomics and Health Information Technology Systems: Exploring the Issues
A conference that brought together leaders in genomics research and health care delivery to explore the important research and policy issues facing the integration of genomic information into health information technology systems.

Patient Management Resources

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