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Director's Report Related Documents: February 2012

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No. Documents
1 Proposed NHGRI Reorganization
2 International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG) 2011: 1000 Genomes Project Tutorial
3 Genomics Reaches the Clinic: From Basic Discoveries to Clinical Impact [ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
4 Bettie Graham: Beyond Genomics [usfencing.org]
Implemented NIH Organizational Changes
6 Proposed Merger of NIDA and NIAAA [grants.nih.gov]
7 Target Validation WorkshopPDF file
8 Fiscal Year 2012 Appropriations
9 Alzheimer's Research Initiative [hhs.gov]
10 NIH Clinical Center Receives Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award [cc.nih.gov]
11 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Visits NIH [nihrecord.gov]
Advisory Committee to the NIH Director Working Group on Data and Informatics
13 Mourning the Loss of Jim Crow [nytimes.com]
Mourning the loss of Norton Zinder [nytimes.com]
14 David Altshuler: ASHG 2011 Curt Stern Award [ashg.org]
15 Andrew Feinberg: NIH Director's Pioneer Award 2011 [hopkinsmedicine.org]
16 Keolu Fox: Best Graduate Student Presenter for Genetics at SACNAS National Conference [sacnas.org]
17 Manolis Kellis: 2011 "Niki" Award Recipient [web.mit.edu]
18 Harold Shapiro: National Academy of Science Public Welfare Medal [nasonline.org]
19 ASHG Leadership Election [ashg.org]
20 Elected to the Institute of Medicine [nationalacademies.org]
21 Elected to American Association for the Advancement of Science [aaas.org]
22 Institute of Medicine Report: "Integrating Large-Scale Genomic Information into Clinical Practice" [iom.edu]
National Academies Report: "Toward Precision Medicine: Building a Knowledge Network for Biomedical Research and a New Taxonomy of Disease"
24 Battelle Report on Genomic Clinical Testing Industry [labresultsforlife.org]PDF file
25 American College of Medical Genetics Changes name to American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics [acmg.net]
26 Genome Advance of the Month
Genomics in the News
Genome Sequencing Program
29 First TCGA Scientfic Symposium
1000 Genomes Proejct
DNA Sequencing Technology
Centers for Excellence in Genomic Science (CEGS) & Diversity Action Plan (DAP)
Characterizing and Displaying Genetic Variants for Clinical Action
34 Genomic Medicine II Colloquia
Molecular Libraries Program
Knockout Mouse Projects
37 Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project
38 Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures (LINCS) Program [commonfund.nih.gov]
Protein Capture Reagents Program
Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) Project
41 Single Cell Analysis RFAs Issued [commonfund.nih.gov]
42 New Common Fund Initiative? [commonfund.nih.gov]
43 NHGRI Catalog of Published Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS)
44 NEJM Genomic Medicine Series
45 US Science and Engineering Festival [usasciencefestival.org]
46 Genomic Medicine Lecture Series
NHGRI Intramural Research Highlights
48 William Gahl honored with prestigious Service to America Medal

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Last updated: November 14, 2012