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Director's Report Related Documents: September 2012

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No. Documents
1 NHGRI Reorganization
2 Smithsonian Genome Exhibition Update
3 2012 Pro Bono Humanum Award [prnewswire.com]
4 Augmenting the NIH Message [public.cq.com]
5 Editorial from the NIH DirectorPDF file [sciencemag.org]
6 Maria Freire: New President of the Foundation for NIH [fnih.org]
7 NIGMS Director Search [jobs.nih.gov]
Advisory Committee to the NIH Director Working Group Reports
9 Courts Give NIH hESC Funding the All-clear PDF file [cadc.uscourts.gov]
10 House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Health NIH Oversight Hearing [energycommerce.house.gov]
11 Steve Quake: 2012 Lemelson-MIT Prize [web.mit.edu]
12 Amy McGuire Named Center Director [bcm.edu]
Jo Boughman Leaving ASHG
14 Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues [tvworldwide.com]
15 Biotech Patents and the CourtsPDF file [cafc.uscourts.gov]
16 NHGRI Genome Advance of the Month
Genomics in the News
18 Genome Sequencing and Analysis Centers
20 1000 Genomes Project [1000genomes.org]
21 Centers for Mendelian Genomics [mendelian.org]
22 Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) Projects
24 Centers of Excellence in ELSI Research (CEER) Program
Genomic Medicine RFAs
26 Molecular Libraries Program (MLP)
Human Microbiome Project
28 Knockout Mouse Phenotyping Project (KOMP2) [commonfund.nih.gov]
Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx)
30 Protein Capture Reagents Program [commonfund.nih.gov]
31 Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) [h3africa.org]
New Common Fund Program: Undiagnosed Diseases Program
33 Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series
34 2012 Summer Workshop in Genomics: Short Course
35 Assessing the Economics of Genomic Medicine [iom.edu]
36 Genomic Nursing State of Science: Establishing Future Research Directions
37 NHGRI Digital Media Database
Tracking a 'Super Bug' in the NIH Clinical Center
NHGRI Intramural Research Highlights
40 NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP) on 60 Minutes [cbsnews.com]

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Last updated: September 09, 2012