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Daniel Gilchrist, Ph.D.

Computational Genomics and Data Science
Division of Genome Sciences

Selected Publications

Henriques T, Gilchrist DA, Nechaev S, Bern M, Muse GW, Burkholder A, Fargo DC, Adelman K. Stable pausing by RNA polymerase II provides an opportunity to target and integrate regulatory signals. Mol Cell, 52:517-28. 2013. [PubMed]
Gilchrist DA, Fromm G, dos Santos G, Pham LN, McDaniel IE, Burkholder A, Fargo DC, Adelman K. Regulating the regulators: the pervasive effects of Pol II pausing on stimulus-responsive gene networks. Genes Dev, 26:933-44. 2012. [PubMed]
Gilchrist DA, dos Santos G, Fargo DC, Xie B, Gao Y, Li L, Adelman K. Pausing of RNA polymerase II disrupts DNA-specified nucleosome organization to enable precise gene regulation. Cell, 143:540-51. 2010. [PubMed]
Gilchrist DA, Nechaev S, Lee C, Ghosh SKB, Collins J, Gilmour DS, Adelman K. NELF-mediated stalling of Pol II can enhance gene expression by blocking promoter-proximal nucleosome assembly. Genes Dev, 22:1921-33. 2008. [PubMed]
Muse GW, Gilchrist DA, Nechaev S, Shah R, Parker JS, Grissom SF, Zeitlinger J, Adelman K. RNA polymerase is poised for activation across the genome. Nat Genet, 39:1507-11. 2007. [PubMed]

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Last Updated: January 25, 2016