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Webinar: Non-Human Primate Developmental Genotype-Tissue Expression (NHP dGTEx) RFA-HG-21-026

Event Details

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (ORIP) program staff held a pre-application interactive Q&A webinar for the Non-Human Primate Developmental Genotype-Tissue Expression Project funding opportunities and answer questions from prospective applicants.


Funding Opportunity Announcement

RFH-HG-21-026 - Non-Human Primate Developmental Genotype-Tissue Expression (NHP dGTEx) Project (U24 Clinical Trials Not Allowed)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Letter of Intent mandatory?
No, this is optional.

Is this an open competition?
Yes, anyone can apply.

Will there be RFAs for data analysis?

Can there be a research component?
Yes, if it is proof of principal for utility of the data and does not add significant cost; resource is the primary goal.

Is $3.5M/year direct costs or total costs?
It is $3.5M/year total costs.

Can we submit applications that request more?
It is allowed

How many applications will be funded?
1 or 2 applications.

Is at least one adult time-point needed?
Using an adult time point is not a requirement, but it can be included in the proposal.

As the genetic heterogeneity of animals in centers is less out bread that other populations, is this a concern for eQTL-based analyses in NHP?
We are not expecting this study to generate eQTL- based analyses due to power considerations. If you would like to include them, we suggest including power calculations. We are asking that proposals include as much heterogeneity as possible.

How will we coordinate with human dGtex?
Indicate in your proposal what is needed to coordinate effectively with the Human dGTEx project.

Since this is a transcriptome resource, what is the expectation for the required whole genome sequencing?
We expect you will use animals with Whole Genome Sequences (WGS)  available or generate WGS within this project. Either way works.

Will use of banked tissue hurt any proposal because of potential quality control issues?
Use of biobanked tissues, along with a description of how those tissues are quality controlled, is encouraged.

Are single-cell analyses required for all samples?
No, please propose a subset of samples for single-cell analyses and provide justification.  

Last updated: July 23, 2021