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Dr. Carla Easter is the chief of the Education and Community Involvement Branch at the National Human Genome Research Institute. ​
Carla Easter, Ph.D., is chief of the Education and Community … genomic science and career preparation and pathways. Dr. Easter also serves as an adjunct faculty member at the … the University of California, San Diego. … Biography … Carla L. Easter, Ph.D. … Carla Easter, genomics education, …
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Four NHGRI researchers share the steps toward a career in genomics with 60 Brooklyn-area high school students.
… Diego Loayza, Ph.D., Doris Withers, Ed.D., Kevin Bishop, Carla Easter, Ph.D., and Keisha Findley, Ph.D., met the high school … and Behavioral Research Branch, Medgar Evers College, Carla Easter, genomics/genetics curriculum … Four NHGRI …
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The NHGRI Short Course in Genomics brings the latest genomics science to the classroom.
… in the U.S., multiple classrooms at a time,” said Carla Easter, Ph.D., chief of the education and community … … NHGRI Short Course in Genomics, educational outreach, Carla Easter, Christina Daulton, Belen Hurle, diversity in …
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NHGRI marks its fourteenth annual National DNA Day by organizing a nationwide network of educational events for students, teachers and health professionals.
… about their health care and even potential careers," said Carla Easter, Ph.D., Education and Community Involvement Branch … DNA Day 2015, DNA Day events map, Human Genome Project, Carla Easter, Ph.D., DNA Day event starter kit, Julie Nadel, …
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The Social Genomics Project aims to understand what people around the world think about the intersections between genomics, genetics and society.
… our researchers are exposed to that many people," said Carla Easter, Ph.D., deputy chief of ECIB. "It provided a unique … various science centers and museums in North America. Dr. Easter hopes the venues that host the exhibit will also …