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News Release
Three research teams funded by NIH gather data at the most basic molecular levels about the biological processes that make up the human microbiome.
… the role of the microbiome in the human host," said Lita M. Proctor, Ph.D., program director of the Human Microbiome … ecosystem, Human Microbiome Project Research Consortium, Lita Proctor … Three research teams funded by NIH gather data …
Media Advisory
The NIH-funded Integrative Human Microbiome Project presented at the International Human Microbiome Congress.
… For more information about iHMP research, please contact: Lita Proctor, Ph.D., NHGRI is one of the 27 institutes and …
The Genomics Landscape
In the October 2018 edition of The Genomics Landscape, NHGRI Director Dr. Eric Green highlights Dr. Dan Kastner as the Federal Employee of the Year.
… fellowship! … NHGRI extramural program director, Dr. Lita Proctor, retired at the end of last month. Lita came to NHGRI in 2010 to lead the Institute's efforts in …
News Release
NHGRI celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Human Genome Project with a "15 for 15" Celebration that commemorates the genomic advances since 2003.
… History Hot Topic Join us for an informal discussion with Lita M. Proctor, Ph.D., program director in NHGRI's Division of … about the lessons learned from microbiome research. Dr. Proctor's discussion topic is "Your Microbiome is a Part of …
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Researchers have used a new combination of microfluidics and genomics to fish out a specific gut bacterium from the sea of microbes in the human microbiome.
… , DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1404753111. 2014. [ Full Text ] WHO: Lita Proctor, Ph.D., program director, NHGRI, coordinator, Human …