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Careers and Training
Professional development opportunities that empower educators, policymakers, and healthcare providers to broaden the impact of genomics in their fields.
… Genomics extends beyond the lab and the clinic. Our professional development opportunities help to empower educators, … of genomics in their fields. … Professional Development ProgramsProfessional development opportunities that …
Professional Development Programs
Provides exposure to the broader genomics community and experts in the field, with the opportunity to work on a genetics/genomics-related education projects under the mentorship of an ISCC-PEG member.
… at Brigham and Women's Hospital OB/GYN Genomics Curriculum Development Sarah Roth, BA, MFA, MA JHU/NIH Genetic … mentorship of an ISCC-PEG member. … ISCC-PEG, Scholars, Professional Development Programs, genomics education, healthcare provider education … …
Research Training
A mentored, pre-tenure track junior faculty position during which time the incumbent designs and implements an integrated, translational research program.
… The Physician Scientist Development Program (PSDP) is a mentored, pre-tenure track … genomics research. We intend to assist in the development of a cadre of researchers who can compete for … … Physician Scientist Development Program (PSDP), Training Programs, Translational Research, NIH Clinical Center, …
Professional Development Programs
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) seeks qualified physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and genetic counselors interested in acquiring credentials and experience to lead genomic medicine research and implementation programs at the NIH, major medical centers and other organizations.
… to lead genomic medicine research and implementation programs at the NIH, major medical centers and other … scientific program activities and especially in the development of new or renewal of ongoing activities. ACMG can … the NIH, major medical centers and other organizations. … Professional Development Programs
Professional Development Programs
The JHU/NHGRI Genetic Counseling Training Program prepares students for a M.S in Genetic Counseling from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
… beyond that available from most genetic counseling programs and is based on coursework taken at the NIH and … practice standards, ethical guidelines for professional conduct and research needs. Genetic Counseling … experiential and didactic instruction to foster students' development of their own genetic counseling practice theory. …
Careers and Training
NHGRI provides funding to support the development and implementation of modules aimed at providing healthcare professionals with genomic medicine training.
… NHGRI provides funding to support the development and implementation of modules aimed at providing … funded under  NOT-HG-20-020 . … Project Title:   Health Professional Rapid Personalized Learning Platform for Genomic … the practice of genomic medicine. Distance-based learning programs have become an increasingly popular approach that is …
Research Training
The Graduate Partnerships Program develops future scientists by providing opportunities to perform research in NHGRI laboratories.
… The Graduate Partnerships Program fosters the professional development of future scientists by providing the opportunity … information can be found at: For more information, please contact the …
Professional Development Programs
The JHU/NIH Genetic Counseling Training Program addresses the growing need for genetic counseling services.
… scope of genetic counseling expands and evolves, patient, professional and community education will be imperative. … sessions with clients and on interventions consistent with development of counseling expertise. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg … into positions in masters-level genetic counseling programs that are accredited by the Accreditation Council for …
Healthcare professionals determine whether individuals, other family members, or future generations may be at increased risk of developing particular conditions.
Professional Development Programs
The Genetics and Public Policy Fellowship gives genetics professionals an opportunity to contribute to the policy-making process.
… an opportunity to develop a desirable skillset and build a professional network over the course of three enriching … Brown Colorado Division of Insurance Head of Affordability Programs Senate HELP Committee 2009 Selvi Sriranganathan … who are early in their careers and interested in the development and implementation of genetics-related health and …