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How well cancer patients fare after chemotherapy can be affected by their social interaction with other patients during treatment.
… Jeannine Mjoseth … How well cancer patients fare after chemotherapy can be affected by their social interaction with … little more likely to survive for five years or more after chemotherapy if they interacted during chemotherapy with other patients who also survived for five …
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… going through gene therapy. The main risks are from the chemotherapy that is needed for the conditioning phase of … therapy or the gene therapy itself.    The risks from the chemotherapy include infertility, hair loss and mouth ulcers. Chemotherapy also leads to fewer white blood cells , which …
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​Pharmacogenomics combines the science of how drugs work, called pharmacology, with the science of the human genome, called genomics.​
… (FDA) also recommends genetic testing before giving the chemotherapy drug mercaptopurine (Purinethol) to patients … irinotecan (Camptosar), which is part of a combination chemotherapy regimen. The reasoning is that patients with one … of pharmacogenomic research. Studies have found that the chemotherapy drugs, gefitinib (Iressa) and erlotinib …
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20 papers published online in 2014 highlight research on DNA biorepositories and electronic medical records to better understand the genomics of disease.
…   Genes that increase negative side effects of certain chemotherapy drugs. Hakon Hakonarson, M.D., Ph.D., director … (TPMT). TPMT metabolizes thiopurines, a class of chemotherapy drugs. In certain individuals with "loss of … variants, the body's bone marrow may be suppressed after chemotherapy treatment - a potentially severe side effect of …
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Learn what happens when two genetic neighborhoods merge in brain tumor cells after a gene controlled by a gene-control switch turned on a cancer-growth gene.
… tested this hypothesis by adding 5-Azacytidine, a chemotherapy drug that disrupts formation of methyl tags, to … rarely turned on. This exciting discovery indicates that chemotherapy drugs like 5-Azacytidine may be useful for … gliomas. Nature, 529.7584:110-114. 2016. [ Nature ] … Chemotherapy May Be A Useful Treatment … Related Content … …