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Stacie Anderson is the director of the Flow Cytometry Core at the National Human Genome Research Institute. ​
… the flow cytometry core of the national human genome research … all nhgri investigators with access to high quality flow cytometry services to enhance the scope and quality of …
Research at NHGRI
The Genetics and Molecular Biology Branch uses genomic technologies to study the human genome and other organisms and disease mechanisms.
… to state-of-the-art bioinformatic, transgenic-animal, flow-cytometry , genomic and cytogenetic technologies. these …
Jobs at NHGRI
NHGRI is seeking a postdocs in the laboratory of Dr. Daphne W. Bell, within the Cancer Genetics and Comparative Genomics Branch in Bethesda, Maryland.
… in bioinformatics, microarrays, copy number analysis, flow cytometry , cytogenetics, and a transgenic mouse core, offers …
Dr. David Bodine is the chief of and senior investigator in NHGRI's Genetics and Molecular Biology Branch.
… a unique opportunity for studying differentiation because flow cytometry can be used to separate primary hematopoietic cells …