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Fact Sheet
Informed consent is more than a form; it’s a process. What does it involve?
… careful explanation about how the participant’s genomic information will be used during and after the study, as well … that must be met during this process are: providing key information. confirming the participant understands the information. ensuring any decision to participate is …
Research Funding
A submitted grant application undergoes a two-step, peer-review process to determine its eligibility for funding.
News Release
NIH released a Request for Information seeking comments on the data submission and access process for dbGaP.
… With this in mind, NIH released today a Request for Information (RFI) seeking public comments on the data … on how to comment, please visit NIH Request for Information on Processes for database of Genotypes and … dbGaP data submission and access statistics, including DAR processing times and data management incidents. Development …
Dr. Edward Giniger is an adjunct investigator in NHGRI's Genetics and Molecular Biology Branch.
Information processing in the brain is done by specialized neural … Every neuron has a long process, an "axon", that carries information to its synaptic partners. Dr. Giniger's lab seeks … … Edward S. Giniger, Ph.D. … Edward Giniger, information processing, neural circuits, neurons, nerve cells … Edward …
The Genomics Landscape
In the April 2020 edition of The Genomics Landscape, NHGRI Director Eric Green provides an update on the final stage of the Genomics2020 strategic planning process; the NIH website for COVID-19 information, the Gene documentary debut on PBS and more.
… diversions. First, anticipating interest in COVID-19 information, one of the stories below describes some useful information sources about the virus and some specific … government websites are available that provide relevant information basics of the virus (and the disease it causes), …
Policy Issues
Informed consent shows respect for personal autonomy and is an important ethical requirement in research.
… their contributions, such as samples and health-related information, are critical for the success of most human … for genomics research, researchers should consider the information participants may need to understand risks and … human specimens or cell lines. … Vast amounts of personal information about participants are generated through studies …