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News Release
In a new large-scale genetic analysis, National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists have found set of small RNA molecules, called microRNAs, in human pancreatic cells that are strongly associated with type 2 diabetes.
… study represents the largest sequenced-based analysis of microRNA expression in human pancreatic islets to date,” said … study represents the largest sequenced-based analysis of microRNA expression in human pancreatic islets to date. The … studies, we hope one day to be able to identify accurate microRNA biomarkers for early detection and treatment of …
News Release
NIH researchers analyzed the gene activities of immune cells in children with mitochondrial disorders and found that their B cells, which produce antibodies to fight viral infections, are less able to survive cellular stress.
… During stressful conditions, these cells produce a microRNA called mir4485 . MicroRNAs are small strings of RNA … and these B cells then try to survive by producing the microRNA to cope,” said Dr. McGuire. “But the B cells are too …
News Release
NIH researchers have uncovered a key factor in understanding the elevated cancer risk associated with gene therapy.
… called Rian, near a gene called Mir341 that codes for a microRNA molecule. MicroRNAs are small, non-coding RNA …
Dr. Andy Baxevanis is a senior scientist leading NHGRI's Computational Genomics Unit.
… Baxevanis, A.D. MicroRNAs and Essential Components of the microRNA Processing Machinery are Not Encoded in the Genome … A., and Baxevanis, A.D.  SubmiRine: Assessing Variants in microRNA Targets using Clinical Genomic Data Sets.   Nucleic …
Research at NHGRI
NHGRI researchers develop freely available software and analysis tools to help researchers around the world analyze and explore their genomic data.
… mapping. SubmiRine A software package for predicting microRNA target site variants (miR-TSVs) from clinical …
The Genomics Landscape
In the October 2019 edition of The Genomics Landscape, NHGRI Director Eric Green focuses on recent efforts to make the human genome reference sequence useful to basic and clinical researchers and how increasing the representation of human genomic variation will remain key components of NHGRI’s Human Genome Reference Program.
… his name (Muenke syndrome). … Genomics Research Using microRNA to starve a tumor? Nano-sized solution for efficient …
The Genomics Landscape
In March 2, 2023 edition of The Genomics Landscape, NHGRI Director, Eric Green, M.D., Ph.D., honors the recipients of the inaugural Outstanding Award for Enhancing DEIA in the Genomics Workforce - Pardis Sabeti (Harvard University), Bettie Graham (NHGRI) and Ann Mc Cartney (University of California, Santa Cruz) - for exemplifying powerful ways to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.
Dr. Douglas Stewart is an associate investigator in NHGRI's Center for Precision Health Research.
… reported cancer predisposition syndrome due to altered microRNA biogenesis. Tumors associated with the disorder …
Abdel Elkahloun is an associate investigator in NHGRI's Office of Scientific Core Facilities.
… Copy Number Alterations DNA Methylation microRNA Expression Functional Protein Assays Clinical Data …