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Genome ProductionsNHGRI's communications branch prepared the digital asset files in this collection for use by broadcast media to assist with the preparation of news stories. All government-produced video and audio clips are in the public domain and copyright free. Anyone is freely able to use these clips, but we ask that they be used appropriately.

The video clips were created by Genome Productions, a part of the Communications and Public Liaison Branch of the National Human Genome Research Institute. As a courtesy, it is requested that an appropriate acknowledgement be given: Courtesy: National Human Genome Research Institute.



Video Resources

Laboratory B-Roll Laboratory B-Roll from NHGRI
B-roll video footage of ClinSeq, the Genetic Disease Research Branch Lab and the NIH Intramural Sequencing Center (NISC).



Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) B-Roll Video Footage
September 16, 2015: Video footage of William Gahl, M.D. interviewing UDN patients, Camilo Toro, M.D. reviewing CT scans, and more.


ENCODE Project ENCODE Project B-Roll Video Footage
September 5, 2012: Video of interviews with members of the ENCODE Project.


Leslie Biesecker Proteus Syndrome: B-Roll Video Footage and Video Sound Bites
July 27, 2011: High-definition video footage of Proteus syndrome, the Proteus Syndrome Telebriefing and an interview with Leslie G. Biesecker, M.D.


Robot installation Tox21 Collaboration: Robot B-Roll
March 10, 2011: The Tox21 high-speed robot screening system, located at the NIH Chemical Genomics Center (NCGC) in Rockville, Md., will test 10,000 different chemicals for potential toxicity, merging existing agency resources (research, funding, and testing tools) to develop ways to more effectively predict how chemicals will affect human health and the environment.


Eric D. Green Interview with Eric D. Green, M.D., Ph.D.
February 3, 2011: A interview with Dr. Green on the Strategic Plan.



UDP Patients Interview with UDP Patients
January 31, 2011: An interview with Paula Allen, 51, Brodhead, Ky., and Louise Benge, 56, Brodhead, Ky., providing a patient's perspective on the NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program.


UDP Patients Interview with William A. Gahl, M.D., Ph.D.
January 28, 2011: An interview with Dr. Gahl about the Undiagnosed Diseased Program.


Jim Mullikin Complete Neanderthal Genome Sequenced
May 7, 2010: Video clips that can be used to create a broadcast news story about the completion of the Neanderthal genome sequence.


Kalypsys robots perform precision plate handling for high throughput screening NIH/EPA Safety Testing of Chemicals: Sound Bites and Videos
February 14, 2008: A series of sound bites and video clips that can be used to create a broadcast news story about the collaboration by three government agencies to shift chemical toxicity testing from animal screening to a quantitative high throughput screening (qHTS) system.


Kalypsys robots perform precision plate handling for high throughput screening Human Genome Animation video
February 2001: This dynamic 3d animation will take you "inside" for a close up look at Our Molecular Selves. Watch as the mysteries of the Human Genome are literally "unraveled".


Audio Resources

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