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Mike Pazin, Ph.D.

Program Director, Functional Genomics
Division of Genome Sciences, NHGRI

Selected Publications

De S, Wurster AL, Precht P, Wood WH 3rd, Becker KG, Pazin MJ. Dynamic BRG1 Recruitment during T Helper Differentiation and Activation Reveals Distal Regulatory Elements. Mol Cell Biol, 31:1512-27. 2011. [PubMed]

Precht P, Wurster AL, Pazin MJ. The SNF2H chromatin remodeling enzyme has opposing effects on cytokine gene expression. Mol Immunol, 47:2038-46. 2010. [PubMed]

Ishii H, Du H, Zhang Z, Henderson A, Sen R, Pazin MJ. Mi2beta shows chromatin enzyme specificity by erasing a DNase I-hypersensitive site established by ACF. J Biol Chem, 284:7533-41. 2009. [PubMed]

Xie Y, Kole S, Precht P, Pazin MJ, Bernier M. S-glutathionylation impairs signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 activation and signaling. Endocrinology, 150:1122-31. 2009. [PubMed]

Wurster AL, Pazin MJ. BRG1-mediated chromatin remodeling regulates differentiation and gene expression of T helper cells. Mol Cell Biol, 28:7274-85. 2008. [PubMed]

Zhang P, Pazin MJ, Schwartz CM, Becker KG, Wersto RP, Dilley CM, Mattson MP. Nontelomeric TRF2-REST interaction modulates neuronal gene silencing and fate of tumor and stem cells. Curr Biol, 18:1489-94. 2008. [PubMed]

Du H, Ishii H, Pazin MJ, Sen R. Activation of 12/23-RSS-dependent RAG cleavage by hSWI/SNF complex in the absence of transcription. Mol Cell, 31:641-9. 2008. [PubMed]

Pazin MJ, Bhargava P, Geiduschek EP, Kadonaga JT. Nucleosome mobility and the maintenance of nucleosome positioning. Science, 276:809-12. 1997. [PubMed]

Pazin MJ, Sheridan PL, Cannon K, Cao Z, Keck JG, Kadonaga JT, Jones KA. NF-kappa B-mediated chromatin reconfiguration and transcriptional activation of the HIV-1 enhancer in vitro. Genes Dev, 10:37-49. 1996. [PubMed]

Pazin MJ, Kamakaka RT, Kadonaga JT. ATP-dependent nucleosome reconfiguration and transcriptional activation from preassembled chromatin templates. Science, 266:2007-11. 1994. [PubMed]

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