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NHGRI Genomic Medicine Working Group

The NHGRI Genomic Medicine Working Group is a subcommittee of the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research. The working group arose from genomic medicine implementation efforts outlined by the 2011 NHGRI Strategic Plan and was initially led by the Disease-Oriented Genomic Medicine Group. The group has organized a series of meetings gathering genomics researchers, clinicians, and other experts from over 40 different institutions, which are involved with the implementation of genomic medicine programs, to discuss issues surrounding the adoption of genomic medicine and form multicenter collaborative pilot projects in translational genomic medicine. Subgroups around common genomic medicine implementation areas were formed to develop plans for pilot projects, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness and utility of such implementation projects.

In addition to planning the genomic medicine meetings, the working group provides guidance to NHGRI in other areas of genomic medicine implementation, such as outlining infrastructural needs for adoption of genomic medicine, identifying related efforts for future collaborations, and reviewing progress overall in genomic medicine implementation.

Working Group Members

Carol Bult (Jackson Labs)
Rex Chisholm (Northwestern) (former NACHGR member)
Patricia Deverka (American Institutes for Research)
Geoff Ginsburg (Duke) (former NACHGR member)
Howard McLeod (Moffitt Cancer Center)
George Mensah (NHLBI)
Mary Relling (St. Jude's)
Dan Roden (Vanderbilt)
Marc Williams (Geisinger)

NHGRI Representatives

Eric Green (NHGRI)
Teri Manolio (NHGRI)
Laura Lyman Rodriguez (NHGRI)
Robb Rowley (NHGR)

Genomic Medicine Activities: Meeting Minutes and Slides
  • Genomic Medicine Activities
    NHGRI details in its strategic plan that the institute should pursue a number of activities in genomic medicine implementation. Links to those activities are listed.
About Genomic Medicine

Teri Manolio, NHGRI
Robb Rowley, NHGRI
Cecelia Tamburro, NHGRI

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Last Updated: September 19, 2018