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Stacie M. Anderson, B.S.

Stacie M. Anderson
Flow Cytometry Core

B.S. Elizabethtown College

T: (301) 435-3381
F: (301) 402-4929
Building 49, Room 3B15
BETHESDA, MD 20892-4442

Selected Publications

The Flow Cytometry Core of the National Human Genome Research Institute was established in January 1996.  The Core has the goal of providing all NHGRI investigators with access to high quality flow cytometry services to enhance the scope and quality of scientific research performed.  Services provided by the Core include planning, design, execution, and analysis of experiments involving flow cytometry, permitting high quality single cell analyses to be performed by NHGRI investigators.  These experiments range from simple fluorescent protein quantitation to complex 13-color analysis and isolation of cells both from cell lines and any single cell tissue sample including, but not limited to blood, bone marrow, lymph node, spleen, thymus, lung, and neuronal cells. Other analyses include: Cell survival/apoptosis, proliferation, DNA content, cell cycle analyses and cytolysis.

The Core is actively involved in a variety of applications including phenotypic and functional analyses of populations on a single cell basis, isolation of tissue and blood cell populations for animal transplantation experiments; isolation of cell sub-populations for analyses of functional cellular properties and gene transcription profiles including scRNAseq, as well as high throughput screening of enhancer regions.

Posted: March 30, 2018