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Genomics is a rapidly growing field with a rich history and an exciting future. Take advantage of our ready-made teaching tools to present the foundations to your students and help them understand the impact of genomics in their lives.

Strawberry DNA extraction with Jenny Montooth
Strawberry DNA Extraction

An activity that demonstrates how DNA can be isolated from a strawberry using common household items.

DNA From the Beginning Lesson Plan | NHGRI
DNA from the Beginning Lesson Plan

Lesson plan based on an award-winning DNA from the Beginning website, an animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes and heredity.

DNA Origami

Step-by-step instructions and printable folding paper included in the downloadable document.

​Genetic Timeline Lesson Plan | NHGRI
Genetic Timeline Lesson Plan

The genetic timeline lesson plan gives students an historical perspective of the discoveries that led to our present understanding of the human genome.

Tools for Teaching the Microbiome | NHGRI
Tools for Teaching the Microbiome

A microbiome is all of the genetic material found in a microbe, such as a bacterium, fungal cell or virus.

Gut bacteria
Microbiome Lesson Plans

The microbiome lesson plans were inspired by lectures and resources on the microbiome offered at the National Human Genome Research Institute’s (NHGRI) Short Course in Genomics.

​Transcription and Translation Lesson Plan | NHGRI
Transcription and Translation Lesson Plan

Tools and resources for teaching the concepts of transcription and translation, two key steps in gene expression

Your Genome and You
Your Genome & You

The Your Genome & You infographic introduces the basics of genetics and genomics, and how the science impacts our lives.

Last updated: February 13, 2020